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Interior designer and decorator

"A beautifully decorated interior enhances the quality of our life"

I design, arrange and decorate living and office spaces. Each design I make is original and adapted to the client’s needs. I regard the current design trends merely as a starting point to creating spaces that are stylish and functional. I do not copy clichés. I try to find and reflect my clients’ personal style in the surrounding space and objects. Contemporary functional design should be adapted to people’s needs, not the other way round.

Working on arranging an interior takes time and patience. I have no doubt, though, that by investing in GOOD DESIGN – functional, esthetic and adapted to your needs - you make a long-term investment in yourself. A beautifully arranged and decorated interior resembles a work of art – its mere presence enhances the quality of your life!

For each project I prepare an individual quotation that depends on the complexity of the order. Call me or email me and let us talk.